Sponsored Search Ads Another Way To Sell More

sponsored search ads lazada

In a concern to make the life of its users even simpler Lazada and Shopee have implemented new marketing solutions. The one we would like to talk to you about is improving the performance and visibility of all brands wishing to promote themselves.

This is sponsored search ads and Lazada and Shopee have understood the importance of such a tool. Largely inspired by Google search, which is taking up more and more space in search results, the Lazada Sponsored Search and the Shopee Ads have perfectly adapted to the general trend of e-commerce.

What are sponsored search ads and how does it work?

We will explain how sponsored search ads work and how this intuitive tool can revolutionize the sales of sellers using online sales platforms.

The Sponsored search ads tool works as we said above a bit like what Google offers with Google Search Ads. Now even brands such as Amazon with Amazon Ads and Alibaba with Alibaba Ads saw the opportunity to jump into this vertical.

As you can see, the goal here is to help the clients of each platform to find or discover products based on their search queries. If you type for example LED TV in the search bar, you will certainly get brand suggestions.

Of course, these brands will have to participate in the offer by paying on the principle of CPC (Cost Per Click) because this offer is not free. As you may know, Sponsored Search effectively allows brands to differentiate themselves from competitors offering the same category of products.

Lazada sponsored search ads solution

Sponsored Search offered by Lazada is an effective way to allow a visitor to find the product he needs but also to discover referral or SKU alternatives that are sometimes more relevant.

We can realize that the advantages of this solution are multiple
it is obvious that this remains an effective means for sellers or a brand to obtain much better visibility and therefore better performance in terms of sale.

ROAS sponsored Search example

Here is a list of significant advantages of Lazada’s Sponsored Search service

Better product visibility

Sponsored search ads will make your product more likely to be seen in search results by high-traffic visitors. So you give your brand better visibility to a ready-to-buy audience.

You give your product more chance of being found because without this method is very likely that your brand is drowned in the multitude of catalogs and products offered by your competitors.

Better conversion

Often a visitor who comes to the site with a vague idea of ​​what they want can very easily find themselves lost in front of the multitude of products and categories. This can ultimately dampen the purchase intention. Conversely, on the contrary, if the ideal product is suggested to him, the visitor can easily become a potential buyer.

Lazada’s algorithm will know how to make the best suggestion based on the keywords the visitor enters. This is why this solution is really ideal for anyone wishing to make more sales on the platform.

Better management of your budget

Billing is based on the CPC principle giving you more flexibility on your spending so if someone sees your ad but does not click you will not be billed.

With a little practice, you will get good conversion and can even predict your potential earnings based on your expenses. Also note that the Lazada team regularly optimizes your products based on the behavior of buyers, in fact, it relies on all the history of data collected beforehand.

It just means that if someone clicks on your product there is a good chance that there will be a sale that follows. This gives you better conversion and a profitable CPC.

Access to your statistics in real-time

All sellers with access to the Sponsored Search service will have an overview of the dashboards. Indeed all the data collected in real-time will be offered to you so that you can better manage your campaigns.

The good thing is that you can export your reports at any time with all your data so that you can analyze them in-depth or compare them with other marketing campaigns.

The Shopee Ads solution to attract more customers

As for Shopee, there too there is no shortage of effective solutions to boost sales. In fact, the platform has put in place tools to attract many more customers on one or more specific products and to increase sales in general.

According to their results, Shopee offers its sellers incredible performances, such as a 28% increase in orders or a 33% increase in the number of product views enough to make a brand owner dream.

Like Lazada, Shopee relies on CPC billing, giving you better management of your advertising budget. So you can also set your auction price to start at a very low level.

shopee sponsored ads
Source Shopee

In its ads solutions, Shopee offers 3 distinct formulas giving you more flexibility in the management of your campaigns:

  • Keywords ads
    This solution gives you the opportunity to put your products at the top of the search results page, giving you much better visibility.
  • Targeting Ads
    Here you will be able to put your product in the main recommendation sections, such as the Shopee home page.
  • Shop Ads
    With this e-commerce solution, you will be able to present your shop at the top of the search results page according to the keywords entered by a visitor. This will make it easier for you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

sponsored search lazada and shopee ecommerce

To conclude, we can see that e-commerce platforms make the buyer’s experience even more interesting. Faced with a multitude of sellers it became urgent to help the two respective parties, the seller wishing to be seen and the buyer wishing to find his product.

Whether you have a shop on Lazada or Shopee, there are plenty of methods and tools to make you sell even more and you can test them out and see what works for your brand. With good practice, you will get excellent ROI and always profitable CPCs.



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