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The advantage of using Google Ads as a marketing platform lies essentially in the fact that we are broadcasting our campaigns to a target already more or less interested in your brand or your industry. After Facebook Ads, this platform remains one of the most reliable and profitable platforms.

Google Ads is based on a set of Display Network including Youtube, Gmail, … so it would be a shame to deprive it. By refining your goal with data on the completion of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as clicks, the number of views, duration of viewing a video, it will be easier to optimize your campaigns.

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The key to create any great Google search ads strategy is to understand your customer and do the keywords research.


Before launching a campaign on the Display Network, using our internal tools, our Google Ads experts analyze the data in real-time to find the right audience for your product and/or service and predict their response to your marketing message.

If you want to target former visitors to your website, the remarketing technique seems the most judicious and well used it can make your marketing performance much more interesting. The most important thing is to always understand how your conversion funnel is defined.

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The newest addition to the Google Ads product line is Google Shopping Ads. With the boom in e-commerce and online advertising, it seemed logical that Google would offer us this solution. At Quanta we perfectly master this option since we regularly manage advertising campaigns for big e-commerce.

Google Shopping works the same way as search ads except that you would have the image of the featured product, allowing your potential prospect to see the image of the product you are promoting. This ad format is ideal for the e-commerce site marketing their own products.

92% of buyers report that they use the internet to search businesses before making a purchase decision, and 81% of customers do the same.

Google search ads are all about keywords. You need to know what your customers are searching for when looking for your product or service.


If you’d like to increase brand awareness, promote a service or product, boost sales activity, or reshuffle former website visitors, we suggest you try the YouTube TrueView ads powered by Google Ads.

The big advantage here is that you have full control over your advertising budget because you are only billed when a viewer chooses to watch your video, so you have more flexibility in managing your campaigns and you also limit your risks because you make sure you hit the right people in the end.

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In all of the services, we offer, creating ads and campaigns remains one of our strengths. Our experts in content and visual creation deliver designs adapted to your target audience, using all types of formats such as static banners or videos.

An advantage not to be overlooked is that Quanta Digital always performs A / B tests or split tests and for this, we are always able to know which creatives deliver the best results and thus allocate the advertising budget to the best visuals.

Quanta Digital has tremendously delivered and improved the execution of MamyPoko ads in the digital space. In 2018, before engaging with Quanta Digital, our long-standing issue was hitting both the number of visits and conversion rate required by Lazada which resulted to limited visibility and placements within their platform…

– MamyPoko Philippines

We have been using Facebook Ads through Quanta Digital for a year now since March of 2019 and the result has been very favorable, especially during campaign seasons.Our Facebook Ads activation through Quanta has consistently been a part of our offsite marketing strategy for driving traffic…

– Cayla Li, coocaa PH e-Commerce Manager