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Sponsored Search Ads Another Way To Sell More

In a concern to make the life of its users even simpler Lazada and Shopee have implemented new marketing solutions. The one we would like to talk to you about is improving the performance and visibility of all brands wishing to promote themselves. This is sponsored search ads and Lazada and Shopee have understood the

Paid Marketing

What Is Paid Marketing And How It Helps

Paid marketing is a sales-forward process that allows businesses to efficiently and directly engage, target, and reach their crowd. It is a straight forward approach that, in contrast to organic marketing, bypasses the waiting time to reach the audience.  While in organic marketing, the means used merely count on the chance of people coming across

choose the right KPI

How To Choose The Right KPIs

Digital Marketing has been disrupting the Marketing ecosystem since the early 90s. It has also been a great addition in helping to revolutionize the way products and services are being promoted to their target audiences. How to choose the right KPIs can make you save a lot of money. With the evolution of search engines

Full strategy funnel

Full Funnel Strategy A clear Introduction

Today, Quanta Digital PH will introduce a full-funnel strategy that you can adopt on the digital marketing channels that you are using.  Any marketing campaign has to be done properly and it starts by having a structure otherwise you might end up with low performance and spend money on Facebook Ads or Google Ads for

performance marketing Philippines

Performance Marketing How To Deal With?

Performance Marketing was developed alongside the evolution of the Internet, as it relies on the possibility to pay providers depending on the performance. Therefore, you need to be able to have insight and data about the success of your campaign, which is quite impossible without the internet. Thus, performance marketing is closely related to digital